TANZANIA: GATS graduates in Iringa, Tanzania

In August at the regional conference in Iringa region, Tanzania, they had a special service and issued GATS certificates and diplomas to the graduates in attendance at the conference.

BELIZE: Updates from the Becerra Family (AIM)

We are having Bible Study and fellowship with Karina and Josue. God has been doing a great work in their family and we are thankful that we can teach them the Word of God. We are praying that they will get baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Karina shared with us that she has never committed to living for God or going to church but now she is ready to live for God....

BELIZE CITY: Update from the Becerra Family (AIM)

En la Gestion de 2019 se trabajo y todavía no se está concluyendo las actividades o las materias de los niveles Certificado y Diploma, habiendo la siguiente asistencia de alumnos en los distritos que tiene la Iglesia en Bolivia.


Alumnos Nivel Certificado 8 alumnos

Alumnos Nivel Diploma 10 Alumnos

Alumnos Nivel Grado Técnico 5 Alumnos






Alumnos de Nivel Certificado

1.-Misael Arancibia, 2.-Edwin Lopez, 3.-Pablo Martínez, 4.-Elcy Cruz



Rev. Adolfo Arancibia, Hna. Martha de Arancibia



Alumnos Nivel Diploma

1.- David Chávez, 2.- Alexandra de Araujo, 3.- Kevin Oliva, 4.- Katherine Colquillo, 5.- Hernán Quispe, 6.- Paola Chura, 7.- Álvaro Cuadros, 8.- Jessica Mita, 9.- Pedro Supepi, 10.- Alejandra Ricaldez, 11.- Belén Chávez



Rev. Daniel Alvis, Rev. James Marse, Rev.Ronald Peñaranda



Nivel Diploma

1 Arena Cuellar Grover, 2 Acarapi Limachi Franz, 3 Limachi Juan Carlos, 4 Paco Tapia Iver Josue, 5 Quispe Paucara Reveca, 6 Quispe Mirian, 7 Sea Quisbert Ivan, 8 Torrez de Sea Angelica, 9 Apaza Condori Anahi, 10 Casilla Madelein, 11 Callisaya V. Oscar, 12 Chambi Yujra Daisy, 13 Chambi Yujra Yesica, 14 Challco Sander, 15 Espejo Zabala Carlos, 16 Loza Grecia, 17 Mamani Mejia Jenny, 18 Marca Maria Elena, 19 Rios Apaza Wilfor, 20 Sea Rios Pricyla, 21 Tola Aida, 22 Tola Jimena, 23 Yujra Aruquipa Cinthya


Alumnos Nivel Grado Técnico

1 Alave Rodrigo, 2 Apaza Laura, 3 Chura Carmen Rosa, 4 Lopez Fernandez Pedro Jaime, 5 Quispe Paucara Sonia, 6 Ramos Zarate Edwin Jacinto, 7 Rios Vega Sandra Teresa, 8 Zegarra Roberto


Son 24 estudiantes del Nivel Certificado.

Son 44 del nivel Diploma

Son 13 del nivel Grado Técnico

Haciendo un total de 81 estudiantes, damos gracias a Dios por la participación mayormente de jóvenes que están siendo preparados para entrar a expandir el Reino de Dios. Y Agradecemos a cada pastor, iglesias y los distritos que participan en esta formación de líderes.


Esto es cuanto puedo informar en la  participación de la educación espiritual.

BURUNDI/TANZANIA: Missionaries Richard & Pamela Smoak



BENIN: 2020 Adjaglo Student Photos

BENIN: 2020 Bohican Student Photos

BENIN: 2020 Hevie Student Photos

BENIN: 2020 Central African Republic Student Photos

VANUATU: GATS Student Elian Boe

My name is Elian Boe, and being in the Bible college is my greatest blessing and joy. I grew up in church and was baptized when I was a young girl.  As I grew up there were many bad influences from the world (especially in School) but I made my decision to serve the Lord in school, and God helped me through.  At our National Conference after I graduated, they announced that Bible school application forms were available so got enrolled. I really wanted to learn more about the word of God.

Bible college has helped me to understand who God is and the importance of the Word of God in my life. There were times that I’ve failed God and wanted to give up, but when I come to Bible college and hear God’s Word, it encourages , corrects me and lifts me up—just to know that we are loved by God, and that He wants to reveal Himself to us! 

I thank God that I could go to Bible college.  I have heard great teaching of God’s Word.  Though I grew up in a oneness Pentecostal Church, I had many questions about the oneness of God.  Through the teaching I have received I am beginning to understand the Oneness of God, and to me it was a beautiful truth to learn.

VANUATU: GATS Student Jemimi Thomas

Being in Bible College studying the word of God was a desire I had when I was 18, but I thought it was for adults, grownups, or it was for those who had calling to preach.

But since I came to Bible college, I’ve learned so much!  Bible college is not just for preachers.  The Word of God is for everyone who wants to learn it.  I’ve learned that we were created in this world for a purpose, which is to minster His Word to those who do not know Jesus.

Being in Bible college has been life changing for me.  I have really drawn closer to the Lord.  My friends have told me that they see a great change in me, and some of my friends outside of the church even tell me that they want what happened to me to happen to them.  So, now I am witnessing to them, and praying that they will be saved, and that one day they will be baptized in Jesus’ name. 

VANUATU: GATS Student Linda Kalpoi

My name is Linda Kalpoi, a Tongan by birth, but now a Ni-Vanuatu citizen.  I was born in Tonga and my mother left me with my grandparents when I was only two years of age and traveled to the New Hebrides (Vanuatu) to work.  I was raised by my grandparents who were senior pastors in the Free Tongan Church in the village of Ha’atafu where the gospel landed in 1843.  From a young age they helped me see that God’s hand was upon my life.

In my teenage years I moved back with my parents to Vanuatu.  I got a good job at the bureau of tourism and moved up to a senior position.  I was planning to go on to get a law degree at the University of the South Pacific, but then God started speaking to me through His Word about Bible School. 

I have a burden to help younger women understand their role and responsibility as a wife and mother in the church and at home. My desire at Bible School is to know the truth so that I can be His vessel and instrument to teach my fellow sisters and daughters to know Jesus. 

VANUATU: GATS Student Pamela Lawi

My name is Pamela and I was raised in a Christian home, and I had a good relationship with Jesus in my childhood.  When I graduated from school, I had the opportunity to go to University of the South Pacific here in Vanuatu. I was thankful for the opportunity to get an education.

At this same time, I felt God had called me to do something, but I didn’t know what.  During my second year at USP, I attended a Bible class offered by our local church, and God spoke to me about going to Bible college.  My parents wanted me to finish my degree, so to honor their wishes, I continued in secular school. But after another year a door opened up for me to go to Bible college. 

Bible college is shaping me to become the minister He has called me to be.  At first my friends and family did not understand why I would discontinue my secular education for Bible college, but in time they accepted my decision. 

This is my second year in Bible College, and I have learned so much!  I am beginning to understand the will of God in my life and the vision is become clearer. I feel God has called me to do mission work. Going to Bible college is a dream come true for me. I am looking forward to what God has in stored for me and for His kingdom.

VANUATU: GATS Student Jeffrey Kalmanu

I was baptized in Jesus Name on the 5th of June 1990. And later received the gift of the Holy Ghost in 1993.  I had a burning passion for reaching the lost, desire to honour God with my life but lacked knowledge & direction.  ACTS II was the best place to mould, shape, and gain a deeper understanding in the word of God.

So, in 2002, I made the decision to move out of my home island of Malekula to the island of Efate so I could attend ACTS II. During my 3 years in Bible College I faced many challenges.  There were times that I walked 7km to get to school, in all kinds of weather.  I worked an afternoon job after Bible school, then walked 3 hours back home.  Yet I still manage to do my evening study.

I thank God for Bible School.  During that time I felt the hand of God upon my life, witnessed miracles, and saw God’s provision for my family.  God’s grace is sufficient for every trial I’ve faced.

After graduating, I stayed in Port Vila.  Today I am the current Pastor of an English-speaking Church in Port Vila, All Nations United Pentecostal Church.

VANUATU: Students Classroom Pictures

BELGIUM: Sven Wayenberg

My name is Sven Wayenberg; I’m married to Magalyand have a son of 17 and a daughter of 14.We live in Ninove in Belgium, which is around 20 miles east of Brussels.


I grew up in Belgium which used to be a Catholic country, but people from my generation didn’t go to church and the majority is agnostic or atheist. People would go to the Catholic Church for funerals and marriages. But this is almost the only way that people know Christianity here. So my view of God at that time was that if God would exist, He would just be the old man with the long bear who would tell you to go to the left or the right at the moment you would die. Despite all that, I was raised by my parents with the traditional values, and lived by them.


In 2006, when I was 33 years old, I came in contact with Brazilian Pentecostal church and liked the atmosphere and finally accepted Jesus as my savior and I got baptized in the titles. In 2011 I started to look for a church closer to home, and that has services in the morning because the Brazilian church had their service on Sunday evening, and it by the time we were back home, it was too late for the kids to be in bed, when they were entering primary school at that time.We ended up in a new church in the city of Aalst. It was new, but there was something powerful. For the first time we were also explained that there was a difference between the baptism in the titles and in the name of Jesus, the oneness versus the trinity. I only heard about the trinity in the Catholic Church and in the other Pentecostal church,which made me conclude that this was not a point of different views between the Christians. Therefore I was re-baptized in the name of Jesus! So I told God: “Now that I know for sure that you exist and that you are real, alive and love me, I really want to study more, and get to know you more.”.


A few months later, the Assistant Pastor Van Gorp who became now our national Vice-President, told me that the UPCB would organize a Bible school. So I signed up for it with 2 basic purposes:

1)To get to know God and the truth better,

2)To get to know what purpose my life had for God.


This was the most amazing decision and journey in my life. My hunger for God and his word were at a level that I had never experienced before. God revealed himself to me, and started to give me more and more understanding of his word. As a part of the training, I had to serve in every department of the church, Sunday-school, the PA, cleaning, and finally I had to prepare a bible study and later on my first sermon. Since that moment, I had gave weekly a Bible study and preached once every 3 weeks. All this was back in 2012 and I have graduated in 2013. In the end of 2013 another UPCB pastor wanted to open a church in the city where I live, and asked me to join him. We opened a church in January 2014, but after a few months, the pastor decided to close the church because of the little response. Ninove is a tough field where people are more in to Carnival than to Christ. Our late missionary Pr. Ciulla called me to ask me to pray about re-opening the church in Ninove. I prayed and God led me to understand that indeed He had this calling for me and I had to re-open the church. I didn’t know how and I didn’t have any people in the church. I didn’t have a microphone of whatsoever. January 2015, I started to rent a building that belongs to the city council of Ninove, and went to buy a PA system, a guitar and a 2nd hand projector. So we started as a family, inviting people to come and worship with us. Little by little people started to come. We also participate to events that are organized by the city council to have dialogue evenings between Catholics, Muslims, Evangelicals, Orthodox and us, Apostolic. Recently God opened the door to speak to 200 students between 17 and 18 years old. This would never have been possible a few years ago. Now we are 5 years further. We have a small but stable group, which is mainly young people and children.75 % of our Church is below the age of 20. These young people are full of fire for Jesus, and 5 of this groups is now following this new session of the Bible school. I hope and pray that they are inspired and led by His holy spirit, so that new ministers and new churches come out of this.Thank you for reading my testimony, I hope that I encouraged you, and please pray for us, as Belgium is not an easy field but an important field to bring the gospel to Europe and its surrounding countries.

CZECH REPUBLIC: Update by Matthew Buckland

We are so thankful for what God is doing through the work of Bible School Training in the Czech Republic!


Recently one of our Bible School students, David, was at a co-workers house to pick up some things he needed for work. He had to go to the house due to the office being closed because of COVID-19. When he arrived he asked how his co-worker was doing. He said he was not doing well. His jaw was swollen and he said he was in extreme pain. The doctors gave him pain medication but said nothing further would be done until after the pandemic had passed. David asked if he could pray for him. They prayed and when they were done the swelling had completely disappeared and the pain was gone! It is so rewarding seeing Bible School students putting their classroom learning into action and seeing the results of active faith!


Attached are pics of Bible School continuing via Zoom during the Pandemic and AIMer Bro Darren Worlow teaching a class on Bible Doctrine.


ENGLAND: Testimony of HBC Student Maria Kemp

My Mum was the only believer at home growing up and she was brought up Catholic and Anglican. In 2013, I bumped into a college friend in my local town who handed me a UPC church flier and told me that they were starting up a church in Exeter. I told her I would go, but I never ended up going and forgot about it.

Right after that, my life went downhill fast and I lost contact with her and most of my friends. By 2016l I was finally back on my feet. Amazing coincidental things started to happen over and over again that just couldn’t make sense, and by the end of the year, I had an overwhelming feeling that I was close to finding out why.

I started reading a book I found online; a biography that had a really powerful testimony of how God changed a lady’s life. That Christmas, I went to the local church service with my Mum being in two minds about whether I believed in God or not. The next day I finished the book and made up my mind that I did.

A few months later, I remembered the friend that had invited me to her church nearly two years earlier. I asked if she was still attending and I went there this time. I gave my life to the Lord.

I first heard about Bible College at General Conference 2017. I went to the HBC open day in 2018 and got a lot out of the classes I was sitting in. I told people I wanted to study at HBC in a couple of years. I prayed to God asking if it was His will for me to go and told Him if I get the scholarship that I will go. I applied in 2019; I didn’t get the scholarship but had already been accepted and I was looking forward to going so I decided to still go. I had to quit two jobs.

The day came around when I had to drop off my last bit of work so that I could spend a couple of weeks with my family before going away. But that was the morning my dad unexpectedly passed away. I determined to still go to HBC because that’s where I had told my dad I would be going.


I saw Bible College as an opportunity to get to know the God I believed in, to move forward in the path God has put before me and, most importantly, be more able to reach my family. Bible College has ended up meaning so much to me, in short, it has shown me I do not need to be afraid to step out of my comfort zone, and I can put all my trust in God. (It is noteworthy that Maria has multiple sclerosis but works hard to persevere in spite of this.)


Here are some Bible School pics. The first ones were taken the last day the students were able to have on-campus classes.  The big bear hug was fun but emotional for them.

The other group pics are when they did a Super Sunday for the church for children aged 0-99.  The theme was "Breaking News" and they did a great job.

The other pic is praise singing on the last day of classes.

GREECE: Testimonies from Greece

Bheverlyn Salazar: I am Bheverlyn Salazar 4th year student of Crossroads Advanced Studies and I came from the Philippines. My only purpose in coming to Greece was to have a "greener pasture". I never realized that one day in His mercy and grace, God will choose me as one of His child. One day, I was so down and so depressed and am heading to my work, a sister approached me and I really don't know but I just opened up myself to that her even though it's my first time to see her. She told me about her Saviour and invited me to the church (The Crossroads UPC Athens) and from my first visit until this day I am still in that church. She taught me Bible studies, received the Holy Ghost & baptized in Jesus' name Praise the Lord. I was so hungry, I want to know more about Him, and so I enrolled at the Bible School, Crossroads Advanced Studies. Coming from a Catholic religion, the school was immensely a life changing to me! I am truly blessed and thankful to be led to this place. It has enlightened me, I have discover more the truths of God’s Words, enabling me to grow in my relationship with Christ. God did a marvelous transformation in my life. He healed my past and enable me to overcame in areas I had been struggling. My relationship to God became more deeper and meaningful and made me to do something in His Kingdom. I am thankful to Him because He has given me the privilege to assist and to teach at the Youth Ministry and at the Kids ministry, who knows they will be future missionaries, teachers, evangelist, teachers.  I thank God for all the people that mentored, guided, prayed, encouraged me that I may grow in God and be used of Him until He comes.

Osie Puko: Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus’ Christ! My thanks to Rev. Sim Strickland, and Pastor Joshua Moreno for allowing me to join the Bible school (CAS), and so with their spiritual and financial support. I gave thanks also to our principal, Sis. Belen Hallasgo and all my teachers. Through their disciplings, advices, directions, support, encouragements, I was able to attain my goal. May God continually bless them spiritually and physically! Attending the Bible school had helped me a lot and it is beyond my imagination. I wanted to go to the Bible school in our place which is in Ghana but cannot afford the cost financially and so with my educational background. But God, made it possible for me in Greece, through Crossroads Athens UPC. I was attending a Methodist church when a UPCI group came to our village in Ghana for a 3 days crusade. I didn’t attended it not until their last day when one preacher of them approached me and told me that I will give myself to Christ, but answered him , I am a Methodist and he invited me to their bible studies. The topics was about how to be born-again..Repentance, Water baptism and Holy Ghost baptism. So after the bible studies, he asked those who wants to be baptized in water, the people present went to baptize except me cause I was taught that if you are already baptized that’s enough. So I said , if the Holy Ghost is real and I will receive it , then I will be rebaptize, so when they prayed for us to receive the Holy Ghost, I was the first one who received it, and so I was rebaptized in that matchless name of Jesus, Glory to God!! Because the group was leaving after their 3 day crusade, they appointed me as the deacon of  that new believers. I didn’t have enough knowledge about prayer, preaching, teaching, but God helped us all those 18 years (1986-2004) I was sent to Thesaloniki, Greece by the church of Pentecost (Ghana) to lead the church, but when I came it is being pastored by a trinitarian. I tried to share the Truth but some believed, others not..When I found the UPC Greece in Athens, I stopped going there and joined the church here in Athens, and enrolled at the Bible school where my knowledge has increased and much more discipled. Glory to God! Because of my background, what drived me to want to know more is that many people are lost because of wrong doctrine; so I want to share the true plan of salvation to whosoever will. I am right now in Sparti, Greece, and am sharing, teaching having fellowship with my co- workers , going house to house evangelism too. Thank God for some souls who have obeyed the gospel and still believing for the others too. And in God’s time I will go back to my country and have a church in my village ..Thank you Crossroads Advanced Studies for what you did in my life and still doing because you are effecting not only me but the whole world; because some of the people I taught have gone to other European countries and believe they will also have a great effect in the land where they are…Glory to God!!I am Osei Puko Timothy..from Ghana

Mary Dianga: Since joining Crossroads UPC church, from trinity back ground, got Baptized in the name of Jesus. Bible teaching which inspired me to join Bible school [CAS] for quest of knowledge. As I continue my prayer life changed, surely i was blind as John  9:39  and John 12:37-40 says. Trusting God to transform my life, character and modesty.  On gaining the true doctrine of Jesus Christ according to Act 2:38 and great commission, was inspired to teach others who are willing especially from my community. Believing one God as Deuteronomy 4:6 declares, knowing the kind of service God needs as in Romans 12:1-2. Having identified my greatest enemy is the devil, my flesh and the world as stated in Galatians 5:17. By putting on the armor of God as in Ephesians 6:10-18. Having the word of God and the Holy Spirit to guide me as in Psalm 119:105 and do the will of God as in Joshua 1:8 putting away fear. The leadership of the church entrusted me with new converts to teach. They all happened to be very brokenhearted both spiritually and physically, since they came from refugee camps, having gone through so much being homeless/jobless/no legal permit. Though our first class was not easy as we embarked on praying more, sharing testimonies of their life experiences and mine to create open heart fellowship spirit as we also meet their needs and eating together before bible study, knowing their condition I gave them some foodstuff, clothing e.t.c. Then i make follow-ups during the week. By God`s grace they started getting jobs and work permits. We have seen God so faithful even during covid19 lock-down as we pray and trust in God, even God`s provision did not stop .One more soul came to the kingdom, as we study online was convicted and baptized in Jesus name. Our zeal to study increased since we were free day and night he managed to finish discipleship class.

When we pray, walk, fast and seek the will of God, provision is sure.

JAPAN: by Student Marieta Tongol

 Studying at P.I  has been a great help to my self it open and broadened my understanding in different perspective of the true value of life.On what is the perfect will of GOD to every person living on this world. Studying at P.I GOD made me realize more that accepting CHRIST as my Lord and my GOD, it is not I  who live on this body but the spirit of the LORD who dwells in us. For it is written it is not I but CHRIST lives in me. There is a very strong conviction in my heart ,that my life to be used by the LORD in whatever ways and mean as i continue my study in P.I. There is a prayer in my heart to be spiritually equip and to be trained as an apostolic minister so that God can use my life more for the mission of  the lost souls. .As i continue studying on P.I the more i learned so many deep spiritual  things of GODS WORD and the true value of this life . THE P.i help me learn to develop my gift and understanding in so many perspective and important things to remember on doing the ministry for the Lord and things to do not to offend other that will help to win the souls for CHRIST. I can say that to be an apostolic minister is the best and great thing that can be happen in any ones life its not because of the intelligence or position that anyone can have in the years they can do,but its because we serve the ONE TRUE LIVING GOD JESUS.The world is so big but here we are studying in P.I because we hear the calling of the LORD in our life a very strong call that what we have in our heart is to served the LORD through untirelessly working of house to house and evangelising people to guide them to come in the church so they can hear the Gospel of the LORD.Being an apostolic minister is not being the title of any position but its all about JESUS alone,the one who gave HIS life for us to be saved from an eternal punishment. To be an apostolic minister is to be a true servant of God in spirit and in truth not only the hearer of the WORD but the DOER of the WORD. As an apostolic minister we have to teach Gods Word without error,trustworthy and infallible. One cannot submit to Christ Lordship without submitting to HIM and to HIS word as an ultimate authority ( 2 timothy 3:16-17) the scriptures must be used in the church as the final authority for teaching,rebuking,nd correcting and training in righteous living..As an apostolic minister it has the responsibility to guard the true and original apostolic doctrine, also to study and know  the  scripture and commit unto others with out compromise or corruption. To teach true biblical faith and God's righteous standard. To show the vital necessity to contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. To providing the means by which to defend the faith against all false theologies.An apostolic minister have to lead the believer's into continual growth in character through Godly teaching,.to equip believers to strengthen and bring to spiritual maturity other believer's so that we may together reflect Christ image in our life.(eph 4:11-16).To bring believer's to a deeper understanding of God's kingdom on earth and it's conflict against the forces of evil (eph 6:10-18).To motivate believer's through the eternal truth of the gospel. To share to other believers the true fellow shipping with Christ love.And the most important thing is to teach them on how to PRAY to have an intimate relation to the Lord . Without prayer we can do nothing.PRAYER Is so important part of our relation to God.PRAYER is a powerful thing that even GOD answer the prayers of all that believed. In 1 TIMOTHY 2:1-2 First of all,then I urge that requests,prayer,intercessions,and thanks be offered on behalf of all people, 2) even for kings and all who are in authority,that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life in all godliness and dignity. A prayer for all people sake is the most solemn thing that we can offer and say to God. GOD see the content of our heart. if the prayer of one person is for all people it is the most beautiful and unselfish love  that delight GOD eye because we pray not for ourselves but we pray for others. if we have this kind of prayer we can really  give joy to the LORD'S heart and truly that even when we do not ask anything for ourselves GOD will always take care of US because HE see that we follow His commandment to love others as we love ourselves,this is the kind of love God is looking to every believer of Him the true essence of the WORD LOVE God wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. That there is only one mediator between GOD and man it is the Lord  JESUS Christ who gave himself as a ransom for all .revealing God's purpose at His appointed time.We have to pray for all people and even to those who rule on the authority that God will make a way for everyone to know about Jesus so they can be saved through the Gospel of the Lord. Prayer works with the most amazing things we can ever think off. Lastly in ACTS 6:4 But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word.Like Paul and all the other apostle of the LORD as the believer's of the LORD JESUS CHRIST we will continue  to pray for all people to come to GOD that they can have salvation and teach unto all the ministry of the WORD in spirit and in  truth in season or out of season teaching the true doctrine of the WORD. Fulfilling the will of GOD for all,and to seek and to saved that which are lost. Whatever it takes whatever it cost and may all the HONOR and Glory be unto the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST AMEN.


JORDAN: Imad's Testimony

Our school (GAITS - Jordan, ME) would like to feature one of our students. Below are his photo and testimony. We will also add a photo of our certificate level class while they are working on group projects.


Imad's Testimony from Pastor & Sis Sherry:

Brother Imad, began attending All Nations in Amman, before we arrived on the field. When we met him, Brother Imad, was not really engaged, but faithfully attended. It was a challenge for us to get to know him, as he was the only Egyptian attending the church, and would slip out immediately at the end of the preaching without giving us a chance to talk to him. 

Week after week this happened. Finally, we spoke with several brothers at the church and told them, please go and catch Brother Imad, before he can rush off and invite him to eat with us during fellowship. Finally, he reluctantly came to eat with us during fellowship. Little by little, the walls crumbled, and we were able to get Brother Imad enrolled in our discipleship classes. We also gifted him the Oneness of God book by Brother Bernard, which has been translated into Arabic. He was overjoyed. After 2 years of working to win him, during our discipleship classes, Brother Imad, received a revelation of baptism in Jesus name, and soon was baptized. He also began inviting other friends and family members that were working in Jordan, many of which have been baptized in Jesus name.  It wasn’t long that Brother Imad received the Holy Ghost. His quick growth since that time has been marvelous to watch, and his love for truth and to tell others, is amazing. Brother Imad fondly says with a laugh, “I thought it was Pastor “catching me”, but really now I know, it was Jesus!’. Last year, he approached us about enrolling in Bible School. We of course were delighted, that he was eager to learn. Brother Imad, has consistently grown throughout this past year, and devours every book he is given. In fact, Brother Imad stated, you know I used to watch TV 24/7, but now after hearing you and pastor teach and preach, I pray and study the word 24/7. No more TV! Brother Imad is top in his class, and very decidedly wants to do whatever it takes to graduate. He feels the call to be a pastor some day. We praise God for the power of His Spirit and the effects of the word of God in Brother Imad’s life. 


Imad's testimony Paraphrased from his own words: 

 When I came to All Nations church, I learned of the importance of Jesus name baptism. I was baptized in that wonderful name and all of my chains fell off! In the GAITS bible college I am learning more about the Bible. I have learned who God is and the way of salvation. I have learned how to live a holy life because God is holy. I have learned that God is one, for there is one Lord, one faith, and one baptism! Now I know how to preach the truth, and I want to be a pastor some day. I have given my life to God so He can use me!

MAURITIUS: 2020 Students

SOUTH KOREA: Testimony from Sis. E.J. Kim

Greetings from South Korea in the precious name of Jesus!


I have very unusal testimony I should wrote a long time ago. I have urged a pastor wife to come to our Bible School to study after her husband passed away. When I first came to Korea, they were pastoring. So they have been in the ministry for many years. After the pastor went to be with the Lord, his wife, Sister Y. R. Kim came to our bible school to study. When she finished our Bible school, she started a home missions church in the west side of our country in Mokpo and she does very well. Her daughter plays piano and her son in law helps the church. She is very glad that she came to our Bible School to study. Of course our Ladies Ministry in the States helped her to pay the part of her tuition. When she started a home missions church, one of our elder in our organization bought her the church van. She has been very faithful in the ministry. She is looking back, how thankful she came and study. She is busy pastoring her church so that no time to be sorry nor get lonely.


God be the glory!  Thank you, our ladies ministry for helping!


Sister E. J. Kim, missionary to S. Korea.

Story of Peter Chabaya

This is a photo of Peter Chabaya who was the valedictorian of our most recent graduation of Ministerial Training Center. Peter is an excellent and willing interpreter for Church services. He helped with the most recent extension Bible school. He interpreted for the missionaries. This helped clarify the lessons for students who needed the lessons in Swahili.
He was also trained as a Bible College teacher and filled in for Bro. Eastham for a few lessons. Peter did so well he was asked to be a Bible College teacher for our next class.
Thank you for helping support our Bible College and students like Peter.

Vietnam: Testimony

This young man that is a part of our purpose Institute Bible school that we held in his local church. After a few months of attending he receive the Holy Ghost for the first time and was powerfully healed of a back injury. That was during our Saturday session.

On Monday he got on a bus and drove six hours to his hometown where he taught his family The same Bible study that we taught him and baptized them in Jesus name. When a neighborhood friend that was deaf saw what he was doing, he became curious. Our student begin to point to certain scriptures for him to read about baptism. When the deaf man decided to be baptized he came out of the water in the name of Jesus and his ears begin to open. By next Saturday when our student came back to our purpose Institute Bible school he handed me the phone to talk to the man on the other end that he baptize that was now able to hear. It was a book of acts miracle.