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The education department of Global Missions, UPCI and its flagship educational program, the Global Association of Theological Studies/Global University of Theological Studies, is thrilled with a growing number of schools globally. Our goal is for each nation to have at least one Bible school or training program.

This page highlights the work of our Bible schools and their faculty in teaching all nations. Discipleship, ministerial preparation, and leadership development are our goals. Competent equipped instructors produce competent equipped preachers (2 Timothy 3:7). We are pursuing ministerial excellence.




GERMAN SPEAKING NATIONS (GSN): Apostolic Ministry Training Center

Photos from missionary Nathan Hulsman

MALAWI: 2018/2019 Graduating Students

We even had a very unique situation with four of our students who were from the Dzaleka refuge camp that we have been working with for several years. One of the students was the senior pastors wife, who could only come with her infant daughter, we agreed to let her come and see how it would work. Sis. Baraka not only finished all of her classes with her infant daughter Blessings attending all of the classes as well. But Sis. Baraka even finished as one of the top 5 students with her high GPA in the 90th percentile.  In one of the pictures you can see blessings siting on the desk during class. We also presented Blessings with an honorary certificate from Apostolic Bible College as Sis. Baraka received her Certificate from GATS. 

HAITI: Bible Schools 2020