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The work of training others is made possible through the sacrificial efforts of the ladies of the United Pentecostal Church International as they raise and provide funds for educating students outside of North America. Added to that is the faithful support of Partners in Missions, our pastors, and the saints of God. Several local churches and/or individuals have even adopted building Bible schools in overseas nations. This page highlights our sponsors, their sacrifice, and tells of some of the ideas they have used to raise funds for our schools, students, and subjects (curriculum development). If you are interested in assisting financially in training students and supporting Bible schools contact us at

Betty McCarty (New Brunswick, Canada)

I have a poor elderly lady who I was hoping may go to our District ladies Conference this weekend.  As I spoke to her last night, she smiled and said she would love to go but she would rather give her money to help a foreign student.  She had already pledged to support the training of one student at $200.  She said she decided that she would do a personal rock-a thon at home on her own to try to raise the money.  When she mentioned it to her family, they began to give her money and now she excitedly told me, she thinks she will be able to support the training of two students!!  She is actually 'rocking' in her little home right now as I am writing to you.  Don't you just love that spirit of giving!

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Betty McCarty (New Brunswick, Canada)

A sound financial investment that will yield an abundant return is always money well spent. Likewise, supporting the Ladies Ministries Foreign Bible School Student Support program is a wonderful opportunity to reap eternal rewards. As you invest in foreign Bible students today, you will reap a bountiful harvest of souls tomorrow.


When the missionary arrives on the field, they are limited in what they are able to accomplish. They desperately long for workers and helpers to join them in their quest to reach the masses. They would love to be able to train workers but the cost is so high. That is where you and I enter the picture. By supporting Foreign Bible School Student Support we become an extension of our missionaries, enabling them to reach souls that otherwise would not be reached. By providing training for workers who know the language and culture, we help to maximize the efforts of the missionary to bring in the harvest. By opening our hearts and pocketbooks, we can make a difference in the mission work of God around the world.


Many have asked how the ladies in Zealand raise their funds. Some have felt that surely we must have done a great fundraiser, desperately seeking for the secret to our giving. All you need is a passion for the work of the Lord and a willingness to freely give whatever God provides. God will provide it if you will give it.


But you may say, "How can I give? I have no income.".... (click on PDF link to view entire story)


Fayetta Holt (Idaho)

Five or six years ago I was in prayer just before our Ministers and Wives luncheon at our District Conference which is provided by the Ladies Ministries of Idaho.  It is at this Luncheon that we are given the opportunity to promote Mothers Memorial to our district ministers.  I began to weep and felt that God had given me the answer and that was to challenge our ministers to each take on a foreign student for the amount of $200.00.  Of course, they would add it to their Church MM offering and receive the credit.

 I'll never forget how God came down and different ones began to take on two students; someone else three went on to as high as two Pastors committing to five students @ $200.00 each.  In that first luncheon where God gave me the idea; over $8,000.00 was raised with about fifteen ministers/pastors present.  It was an awesome meeting.  The presence of the Lord was so beautiful and there was hardly a dry eye in our midst. We have followed this same type of promotion in our District Conference Luncheon ever since and have had good success.

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