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Students from every background and country with one similar goal

They want to reach the world!








On any given day, the Global Missions Division of the United Pentecostal Church International, a host of God-called missionaries and instructors are training literally thousands of students for apostolic ministry. They are partnered with by faithful supporters in the Ladies Ministries and the pastors, saints, and churches of the UPCI and beyond.

Our students come from every class of life, have diverse backgrounds, and speak dozens of different languages. Yet they all come, having one thing in common. They want to be equipped to reach their world. Mark it down. They are doing just that, as upwards of 200,000 souls are being baptized in Jesus name and receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit each year. Hundreds of churches are being started or led by these trained men and women.

Sponsors come from every state and province in North America and a growing group around the globe. They too, have a diversity of backgrounds. Yet, they have one thing in common. They want to pass on the truth to the next generation, equipping them to accurately interpret and preach God’s Word, so that together they can impact their world.

Toss into the mix, hundreds of apostolic instructors, trained to teach the life transforming Word, with a burden to impart what they know into others, and having one desire in mind. They want to equip apostolic men and women for ministry, so that together they can reach their world. This is done on campuses of every size, from a little space found in the corner of a church, with makeshift desks made from using the bench in front of you, to beautiful structures constructed through the sacrifices of God’s people. They are built with one purpose in mind; to teach others so they can reach their world. Curriculum is designed to facilitate this very thing. It’s all about reaching and teaching our world.

So, within the pages of this web-based modern Book of Acts you will find our stories: the stories of apostolic men and women, students and staff in and out of our schools relentlessly endeavoring to do our best to reach our potential for apostolic revival.  The kingdom of God advances on every continent. Come, take the trip with us as we teach all nations! Through the sights and sounds of articles, pictures, podcasts, and video clips we share our stories and your story too, of how, together, we are touching people, transmitting truth, and transforming nations.


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